PRESS RELEASE: Ethan Nathaniel becomes Paximal

LOS ANGELES, CA November 8, 2023 – Pioneering IP solutions company Ethan Nathaniel is excited to announce that it has rebranded as Paximal. The rebranding includes a new logo package and website.

Our mission and our people remain the same: we will continue to push the boundaries and leverage generative AI to help the world's innovation community create, develop, and protect their intellectual property.

Our CEO, Michael Drapkin, explains that “our new name and branding better reflect our fresh approach to redefine the IP portfolio development process with generative AI.  While our team and development goals won’t change, our new identity better aligns with our vision.”

Paximal is creating a breakthrough AI system that radically reduces the time and cost involved in generating patent applications. Complex aspects of patent drafting that would have previously required manual work are being automated, and the quality of the output has taken a massive leap forward from previous automation advances.

As an early pioneer of this technology, Paximal is setting a benchmark for AI-driven IP portfolio development. Our goal is to redefine efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness in capturing, formalizing, and managing IP assets, vastly improving access to and cost for IP protection for a broad range of companies.

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